Why the vast majority of homes in Spain fail in energy efficiency

Energy saving and efficiency has become one of the main concerns of the Spanish people, due to the increasing increase in electricity bills and the high price of fuel. However, nowadays, most of the houses in our country can be considered as energy wasters and not very sustainable. In this article, we would like to explain why, the statement we have made in the first paragraph is due to the fact that, since a year ago, all houses for sale or rent must have an energy efficiency label similar to the one that includes the electrical appliances. They are classified from A (highest efficiency) to G (lowest).

When analysing the data on the period in which classification is compulsory, we find that no less than 28e households were classified with the letter G and 45on the E. In fact, only 4.3e of the dwellings sold or rented during this year received a note A, B or C. The report according to which the dwelling is to be catalogued must be carried out by qualified professionals, and subsequently registered in the city council of the municipality in question. It takes note of various aspects such as, for example, the orientation of the house and the shaded areas it has, the doors and windows through which heat or cold losses may occur, whether there are heating and air conditioning systems and the type of thermal insulation, if any, of the construction.With regard to the latter, it must be said that the absence of thermal insulation materials in the dwelling is one of the main causes of energy waste, since it increases electricity consumption very considerably, since more heating and air conditioning equipment is needed to reach the comfort temperature inside the dwelling.

In this sense, not all systems are equally efficient. As far as air conditioning is concerned, among the wide variety of models that can be found on the market, the ones that help to save the most are the duct systems. The difference in energy consumption between each letter is estimated at approximately one thousand euros. In addition, a house with a high level of efficiency will be much easier to sell and for a higher price as this is looked at in more detail by buyers.

Therefore, those houses that have bad marks, especially E, F or G, can easily go up in scale with investments of less than six thousand euros. All you have to do is replace the windows, put in insulation materials and change the boiler for a condensing one to achieve this.

Harrison Gagné
Harrison Gagné

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