Low cost marketing techniques that make your business profitable.

Marketing techniques

are a basic element for the success of any business or company. In the Anglo-Saxon world, marketing is strongly rooted and is part of effective and professional business management. In Spain and in Latin countries, marketing is still perceived with suspicion, as if it involved some kind of deception. This is a serious error since marketing serves to give repercussion to our business and our brand, getting it known by the greatest possible number of people who, thanks to it, can become potential customers.Nowadays, marketing is a basic and essential tool for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed with an online business and its operation does not obey to any kind of fraud or brainwashing to the user.

On the contrary, it is a technique that studies the market in depth in order to offer the consumer the products and services that they are demanding and that we, as entrepreneurs, are in a position to offer, covering in this way a specific level that the market demands. The marketing strategies are successfully employed by companies as well known as Mercadona, in the food sector or Esdecor, with its

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. Below we offer you the most basic low cost marketing techniques.1

.Create a blog

. Through it you must offer content that gives value to the user, tips, tutorials, news or developments in the sector.

Many users will visit your blog to read the content and from there they will be able to see the products and services you offer, with many possibilities of purchasing them


some point.2.The essential thing is that your comments are of quality to gain prestige and get users to visit your blog and return to it regularly.3


Strategically choose the leaders of brands and products similar to your niche and make comments and ratings on their products, so that they are value-adding content. With this you can gain followers of your own brand and establish future business relationships


these market leaders, who will take you into account in the future.4.This allows you to identify yourself to the public as another option in the market and gain visibility for your own brand or product.5.Network offline with colleagues from other blogs or attend events, courses and conferences. You can plan joint strategies or carry out future business collaborations.6.Use the

webinar tool

which consists of a face-to-face seminar after which a call to action or exclusive sales proposals are made to the attendees with specific discounts or promotions during 24 hours to the public that has attended the webinar.

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