Digital works are among millennials' favorites

Over the past decades, technological advances have been increasingly rapid. The evolution of devices, the emergence of new trends, the change in visual patterns the very scope of social networks is now made second by second, creating a dynamic of accelerated life and that many consider even impossible to keep up with. Changing completely the way we live the days, the technological structures impact directly on all aspects of our daily lives. Today, we don't wake up the same way, we don't listen to music the same way, we don't cook the same way and we don't make decisions the same way.

Technology is part of everything and is at the centre of some of the most important decisions in our lives. Some studies and statistical data reveal that, today, even the way we decide on a travel destination, choose a film to watch or even decide our professional or academic life, depends fundamentally on structures anchored in digital and technological.

Working life and new technologiesThe

choice of our work today is made based on new trends. Not only has the digital come to widen the range of work options, but it has also changed the way work is done and made room for the creation of .It would not have been feasible, a few years ago, to make life behind a computer or a smartphone. Today, with these devices, people are launching incredible and immensely successful careers, gaining renewed status within society and receiving appealing wages for their work in networks.

Besides being jobs that follow a trend, these professions are also, in themselves, trends that are beginning to emerge and calling on millennials to build educational paths and work structures fully anchored in new technologies.

Playful and social life and the new technologies

It is not only about jobs that technology exerts its power of change. With regard to interpersonal interaction, for example, it is increasingly common for it to be based on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter.The possibility of watching streaming shows or the way to launch a public petition are examples of how technology invades the days, in the middle of the 21st century, making a complete change in the way leisure and social contact moments are made. At the moment, even with regard to holidays and travel destinations, there are indications that these are mostly anchored in digital logics. Recently, statistics pointed out that, for millennials, it would be more important to visit a destination where they could take good pictures for Instagram than, for example, places where monuments, local culture or points of interest were more appealing.Thus, as we see, technology has been taking over various aspects of life in modernity.

Harrison Gagné
Harrison Gagné

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