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Bohemian CMS was created in order to make building a high performance website as simple and fast as possible. Sounds like a good place to learn?

Custom Web Development

Bohemia Website Services offers custom web development services to those who need more than just web design. Custom and canned applications can be implemented.

Referral / Affiliate Program

Very simple concept. You make a client referral, we pay you.
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Bohemian CMS - The High Performance CMS For Web Design Training & Building 

Recent Works

Here are a few recent projects for which Bohemian CMS and custom web development had been applied.


With more than 3 years in the making and still in progress, Bohemian CMS was built as a custom tool to build high performance websites in record time. Due to its simplicity and comparisons to other tools, it had been multi-purposed to be used as a tool to build websites for beginners. Essentially, it had become a tool we would have liked to have had we begun building web pages.

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The course outline is very simple and precise. It had been streamlined to make the building of a beautiful website as simple as possible, yet, it leaves room to grow into advanced web development for those who wish to push their skills.

As long as you have a computer, ipad, or $35 raspberry pi and can connect to the Internet, you have access to all course materials, communication with mentor and your tools to build your website.

Back in the day when Content Management Systems had began to become popular among web developers, we had used and tested many systems. However, none of them actually had the qualities to be the exact fit that we had wanted. We had wanted optimum performance and lightning fast benchmarked performance. In addition, we wanted any html / css code to be editable like using an editor like Dreamweaver, but, with the online updatable capabilities of a cms like Wordpress and Joomla. In addition, we had wanted no template restrictions, rules or default coding that would slow down website production. Finally, we had also wanted the ability to extend its server side programming functionality with raw coding that had no rules attached so that we could add any php / mySQL as we wanted. Since we had to create our ideal system ourselves that enabled freedom of access and freedom to code, it became necessary to use a name that related to these desires; hence the name 'Bohemian CMS'.

Training Goals

Have the tools, time and technique to build custom web pages in record time. Focus on accelerated learning.


Using Bohemian CMS and feedback from your online workshop you will have a dazzling website in progress.


In not much time at all, you will have the basic skills to build web pages.